Instant Index: Eagle Snatches Camera, Takes a Selfie

VIDEO: Auburns Chris Davis catches field goal from Alabama and returns the kick for a winning touchdown.

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Eagle Snatches Camera, Takes a Selfie A sea eagle snatched a video camera scientists had set up to record crocodiles in Australia. The camera captured shots of the bird's wings and even the curious face of the culprit. The scientists say next time they plan to bolt the camera down.

(Kimberley Land Council/AP Photo)

Jesse Owens' Olympic Gold Medal U p for Auction One of the gold medals Jesse Owens won at the 1936 Olympics is up for auction. Owens shattered records and confronted racial bigotry, finishing first in four events at the Games in Nazi Germany. Back at home, song and dance man Bill "Bojangles" Robinson helped Owens find a job. Owens gave the movie star his medal to thank him and now Robinson's family is letting it go. The whereabouts of Owens' other three gold medals is unknown.

Cost of ' 12 Days of Christmas' Gifts Up in 2013 The cost of the gifts in the classic Christmas carol "Twelve Days of Christmas" is climbing this year. To buy everything on the list this year costs $27,393, up nearly 8 percent from last year. Labor costs are to blame. Nine ladies dancing are charging 20 percent more this year while 10 lords-a-leaping are charging 10 percent more. There's no change for the eight maids-a-milking because the federal minimum wage is still $7.25 an hour.

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