Instant Index: Gingerbread House Sets Guinness World Record

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Fighter Jets to Accompany Santa's Sleigh Santa's sleigh is getting a makeover and it's causing a stir. Every year, millions of families track Saint Nick's progress as he travels the globe. They usually see Santa's sleigh and reindeer with Rudolph's red nose lighting the way. This year, St. Nick and his crew will be joined by fighter jets. The Air Force is offering the fighter jets to protect Santa as he goes through restricted airspace. But critics say, Santa should be about gifts and fun, not fighter jets.

Gingerbread House Sets Guinness World Record A Guinness World Record has been set in Texas for the biggest gingerbread house. The winner is a 20-feet-high house, complete with two chimneys, stained glass windows made of candy and even electricity. The house is edible. It took one month to build with the help of architects and professional chefs. The house includes 1,800 pounds of butter, 7,200 eggs, 7,200 pounds of flour and 3,000 pounds of brown sugar for a grand total of 36 million calories.


Darth Vader Joins Instagram, Takes a Selfie Even Darth Vader can't resist taking a selfie. An Instagram account that self-identifies as "the official home of Star Wars on Instagram," posted a photo of the "Star Wars" villain taking a photograph of himself. Presumably, Vader snapped the photo while on a break from shooting the new "Star Wars" film that is in production right now.

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