Instant Index: The Great Escape Out of a Bathroom at Work

By ABC News

Dec 11, 2013 10:47pm

Instant Index Header1 Instant Index: The Great Escape Out of a Bathroom at Work

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Woman Digs Her Way Out of Office Bathroom
After getting stuck in an office bathroom Friday night, Karen Perrin used a 3-foot-long rod to chisel her way through the wall. After two hours, layer by layer, through dry wall and insulation, she finally broke through and created a large enough hole to fit her arm. She then reached out, grasped for the handle on the other side and opened the door.

Obama, Bush, Clinton Ride Air Force One
On the flight returning from Nelson Mandela’s memorial in South Africa, former President Bush used his iPad to show off his paintings to President Obama. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton looked impressed at the presidential Show and Tell.

Yellowstone Hot Springs Warmed by Underground Molten Rock
Today, a University of Utah researcher told ABC News that Yellowstone’s underground lake of lava, which warms the hot springs and Old Faithful geyser, may be 2.5 times bigger than originally thought. There is enough molten rock under Yellowstone to fill the entire Grand Canyon. If this super volcano erupted, the ash would cover most of the US.

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                                                                                         (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

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