Instant Index: Facebook Changes Gender Identity

VIDEO: Instant Index: Facebook Adds New Gender Options for Users

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Facebook Changes Gender Identity A change is coming to your Facebook page. Starting today, the 159 million Facebook users in the United States can choose their gender in a whole new way. Facebook profiles will have 50 different choices including male, female as well as androgynous and transgender. The move comes after Facebook users lobbied for more options. One Facebook engineer said today the move wouldn't affect a lot of people but for the few, it would mean the world.

(Noah Berger/AP Photo)

Pink Panther Jewelry Theft Suspect Arrested in Spain A man is under arrest tonight, suspected of being a member of the Pink Panthers gang. The gang is linked to 340 heists in 35 countries. The man under arrest is Serbian and 33. He was arrested in Madrid. Police say he was part of a brazen heist at a mall in Dubai.

Daredevils Attempt to Walk Between Hot - Air Balloons Days ago, a French stunt group called "The Skyliners" (also known as "The Flying Frenchies") attempted to successfully complete the first ever slackline walk between two untethered hot-air balloons floating nearly 1,600 feet in the air . None of the daredevils were able to complete the walk. They wore parachutes and safely BASE-jumped to the ground. "Nightline" was there with exclusive footage of the stunt and the days leading up to it. Viewers will be able to watch in a "Nightline" special airing next month. You won't believe what else they did for our cameras!

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