Instant Index: Pope Francis Renews Argentinian Passport

VIDEO: Instant Index: Pope Francis AKA Jorge Bergoglio Gets a New Passport, Just Like Us

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Pope Francis Renews Argentinian Passport The People's Pope is dodging tradition again. As pontiff, he's entitled to a Vatican passport and its privileges but Pope Francis didn't want special treatment. He suffered through the hassle of renewing his Argentinian passport. He even wore his papal robes and skull cap for the photo and paid $55 of his own money. Just like the rest of the world, Pope Francis will have to wait for the passport to be processed.

(Argentina's Interior Ministry/AP Photo)

Sanitation Worker Gifts Toy Truck to A utistic Boy

Each week when the garbage truck comes to his house, Daniel, 5, stands sentry at the curb, fascinated, moving his hands in time to the truck. Daniel has autism and his mother says, for him, the sound is a kind of symphony. The sanitation worker got Daniel a garbage truck toy of his own. The exchange was caught on camera and the video has been shared more than 60,000.

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