Instant Index: KISS On the Cover of Rolling Stone for First Time

VIDEO: Instant Index: Good Vibes Are In: Best Places in the US With the Greatest Sense of Well Being

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Gallup Measures Cities With the Greatest Well - Being The number crunchers at Gallup set out to determine which places in America have the greatest sense of well-being. The East Coast, West Coast, Heartland and Hawaii were represented in the Top 10. Provo, Utah came in at No. 1 followed by Boulder and Fort Collins, Colo. Well-being was defined as having a job you love, a safe neighborhood and feeling healthy, both emotionally and physically.

KISS On the Cover of Rolling Stone for First Time A photo of KISS circa 1975 is on the cover of Rolling Stone. It's the first time the group has ever been on the cover of the magazine, despite its hits. The band is to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The magazine cover comes 40 years after the group's debut album.

(Rolling Stone)

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