Instant Index: Former President George H.W. Bush Supports Johnny Football

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S upermarket Ratings Revealed The ultimate ranking of supermarkets has been released. A Consumer Reports survey based on 48,076 shopping visits by 27,208 subscribers ranked 55 grocery stores, looking at cleanliness, service, price and how fresh that produce was. Wegman's topped the list, with Trader Joe's in second and Publix, so prevalent in the South, in third, followed by Costco in fourth place. Walmart, America's largest grocery store, came in last because of complaints about service and the freshness of its produce.

Haunted New Hampshire Store A tape has been released of Ellacoya Country Store in Gilford, N.H. As Heidi Boyd, the woman in the video exits the room, a glass cover flies across the room and crashes on the floor. Is it a poltergeist? The paranormal? Modern-day ghost busters are studying the tape and headed to New Hampshire to check it out for themselves.

Former President George H.W. Bush Supports Johnny Football Today it was announced that former President George H.W. Bush will receive a Profile in Courage Award from the JFK Library Foundation for the courage that he showed when agreeing to a budget compromise that raised taxes despite breaking his campaign promise of no new taxes. He and Barbara Bush attended Johnny Manziel's pro day today, showing up to cheer on Texas A&M quarterback and Heisman trophy winner. They came out to support "Johnny Football" as he did his best to show scouts his skills. He completed 61 of his 64 throws today.

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