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Bethany Hamilton Wins Pro Surf Competition Bethany Hamilton won her first pro surf competition in 10 years. She won the Surf-N-Sea Pipeline Women's Pro, a major event in pro surfing. The win was a big won for Hamilton, who lost her arm in 2003 to a tiger shark off the coast of Kauai.

One Dad Turns His Son into a Superhero James Hashimoto is a seemingly ordinary 3-year-old, but not when you watch him on camera. He shoots thunder bolts at the breakfast table, disappears into puddles, and spidey-climbs the walls. His dad, Daniel Hashimoto is a DreamWorks animator in Los Angeles. He made James the "Action Movie Kid" he is today by using his skills to make James a superhero on video.

Boy Shocked Learning He Will Become a Big Brother 11-year-old Logan became a viral hit when his parents filmed his reaction to the news that he will become a big brother. Josh and Michelle Fairbanks found out that they are pregnant with their second child and decided to deliver the news to their son in a unique way. Josh Fairbanks is a photographer and decided to have his son read a list of his upcoming plans to the camera. Logan is floored by the news of becoming a big brother and his tearful reaction is captivating.

Clouded Leopards Born at Denver Zoo The two clouded leopards born at the Denver Zoo on March 14 have been named. The girl is named Pi and the boy is named Rhu. Can you guess what their names mean? Pi is named for her birthday, Pi Day, and Rhu is named after rhubarb pie. Clouded leopards are endangered due to deforestation and so their birth is big news.

9-Year-Old Wows with Voice A flea market shopper in Tennessee stumbled upon Emi Sunshine and shot a video of her singing that became an instant hit. Emi Sunshine Hamilton sings with her father and brother in a band, Emi Sunshine and the Rain. The young artists is wowing everyone with her voice and ukulele playing - playing the blues at age 9.

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