Instant Index: Stolen Masterpieces Worth $50M Found in Auto Worker's Home

VIDEO: Zebra Stripes May Act as Bug Repellent

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Stolen Masterpieces Worth $50M Found in Auto Worker's Home A pair of stolen masterpiece paintings valued at $50 million have been recovered after being bought at an auction for $25 and hung in an auto worker's kitchen for years. The masterworks were described as Paul Gauguin's "Still Life of Fruit on a Table With a Small Dog" and Pierre Bonnard's "The Girl With Two Chairs." They were stolen from the home of a British couple in 1970.

Philadelphia Cream Cheese Adding More Natural Flavors Another iconic brand is changing to meet the demand for natural foods. Philadelphia Cream Cheese announced today it will use fewer artificial colors and flavors and more of the natural fruit and vegetable flavors.

New Research Shows Purpose of Zebras' Stripes New research says zebras' stripes are nature's bug repellent, warding off flies. Scientists say the stripes may keep the flies at bay with something called "motion daze." The stripes confuse the flies who can't figure out where to land so they fly on to another victim.

(Andreas Solaro/AFP/Getty Images)

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