Instant Index: Director Tweets Out Ben Affleck as Batman, New Batmobile

VIDEO: Instant Index: Ben Affleck Takes Over the Role of Batman

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500-Year-Old Columbus Ship Mystery May Be Solved In his attempt to open up the New World to European colonization, Christopher Columbus ran his flagship, the Santa Maria, aground in the Caribbean in 1492. Today, its remains have thought to have been found. Archeological Investigator Barry Clifford and his team first discovered the wreck in 2004, but at that time did not have enough evidence to distinguish its identity. Now Clifford is stating that, "All the geographical, underwater topography and archaeological evidence strongly suggests that this wreck is Columbus' famous flagship, the Santa Maria" in The Independent. In the initial stage of his investigation, Clifford told The Independent that he used the data in Christopher Columbus' diary to determine the location of the wreck. He then used his own knowledge on underwater topography to pinpoint the direction the ship could have drifted. In subsequent years, Clifford has returned to photograph the wreck and has found evidence of a cannon matching those made during Columbus' time. Currently, Clifford is seeking a full excavation.

Director Tweets Out Ben Affleck as Batman, New Batmobile Zack Snyder, the director for the "Man of Steel" sequel featuring Ben Affleck as Batman, tweeted a first look at the new Batman, along with the Batmobile. The new Batman looks very dark and gritty, and Affleck looks huge! Snyder also directed "Watchmen" and you can see the influence. There had been pictures of the actor bulking up as of late, but nothing like this. The Bat symbol on his chest is black, blending in with the suit, and his bat ears are very small and not defined. The Batmobile is also a mix of a throwback to the old Batmobile and the newer vehicle Christian Bale used in his trilogy. The movie is expected to feature Batman alongside Superman. Affleck had gotten a lot of flack when he was cats last year, but the actor warned everyone to wait to judge until you saw.

(John Shearer/Invision/AP Photo)

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