9/11 Victim’s Name Misspelled on Memorial

VIDEO: Memorial officials say the error to Jeffrey Schreiers name will be quickly corrected.

Jeffrey Schreier was included in the bronze-etched memorial as "Jeffery Schreier."

Family members of a 9/11 victim found a painful tribute to their loved one at the new 9/11 memorial Sunday: the victim’s name was spelled wrong.

Jeffrey Schreier, who worked as a mail clerk at Cantor Fitzgerald, was included in the bronze-etched memorial at the World Trade Center site as “Jeffery Schreier,” with the “E” and the “R” in his first name reversed.

His sister, Janice Hart, and her husband, David Hart, were horrified, according to a report on MSNBC.com.

“You feel as though Jeffrey’s soul is now looking down and saying, ‘Can’t you get my name right?’” David Hart told the website.

Michael Frazier, spokesman for the 9/11 memorial, said the mistake would be fixed within days.

“We regret an error was made by reversing two letters in Jeffrey H. Schreier’s name while entering it into our verification database, and we are extremely sorry for the pain this mistake has caused Jeffrey’s family,” Frazier wrote in an email. “As soon as we found out about this error we began working on how to make it right and we’re engaged with our fabricators, contractors and the architect to do so,” Frazier said in a statement.

There was no definite time frame or cost estimate for the fix at this time, he said.

The Harts did not return calls for comment.

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