Susan Powell Search Resumes in Utah Desert

Susan Powell is seen in this undated picture made available by Hardman Photography.

Authorities are once again searching for Susan Powell, the mother of two who disappeared in 2009 while her husband allegedly took their sons camping during a frigid rain storm.

Police from West Valley City, where Powell lived with her husband, Josh, and their two sons, began searching the desert at the foot of Topaz Mountain in rural Utah today, about 30 miles northwest of the town of Delta, according to ABC News.

Investigators on all terrain vehicles, in addition to cadaver dogs, combed the fields there in relation to the case, though police would not say exactly what they were looking for.

“We have a whole list of tasks that have needed to be accomplished, and this is on the list,” said Sgt. Mike Powell, no relation to the family. Powell said the search wasn’t “anything out of the ordinary,” and that he expected it to last more than one day.

The search comes three weeks after authorities descended on Ely, Nev.,  to search abandoned mines there in hopes of finding Powell or evidence that might lead them to her. The following week, authorities searched the home of Steve Powell, Josh’s father, in Puyallup, Wash. The two men now live together.

Police seized journals belonging to Susan in addition to other property inside the house, while the same day the elder Powell told Good Morning America that he had a sexually charged relationship with his daughter-in-law.


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