Jewelry Store Picked Clean in ‘Ocean’s 11' Heist

VIDEO: FBI joins Philadelphia police in tracking down the thieves.

In a scene snipped from a Hollywood movie, the FBI and Philadelphia police are searching for jewelry store bandits who pulled off an intricate overnight rooftop heist that netted $200,000 in loot.

To carry out the burglary Wednesday night, the robbers waited until everyone had left the shopping center, scaled the building, crossed barbed wire, breached a metal hatch on the roof, all the while avoiding alarm detection, according to ABC News’ Philadelphia affiliate WPVI-TV.

“[They] lowered themselves into the property, broke through several walls and then gained access to the jewelry store, to the vault,” Philadelphia Police Captain Laurence Nodiff told WPVI-TV.

The thieves also emptied the display cases, snatching every single piece of jewelry in the Quang Minh Jewelry store.

After gaining access to the building through the roof, the thieves broke through the wall of a Vietnamese restaurant in the Hoa Binh Shopping Plaza to enter the shop.

In the restaurant, the robbers used a large masonry drill and other tools to breach a wall that had three layers of steel separated by two 6-inch layers of concrete, according to WPVI-TV.

Once inside the jewelry store, the thieves cut through solid steel bars to get into a safe.

“Most likely, this was a planned operation,” Nodiff said.  Police and FBI agents are reviewing surveillance footage from the shopping center as they search for the bandits.


Approximately $200,000 worth of jewelry was stolen from a jewelry store in Philadelphia. (Photo credit: ABC News)

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