Man Calls Cops on Craigslist Hookup After Wife Arrives

When police got word a Colorado Springs, Colo., home was being invaded by a gun-toting burglar they dispatched five officers  – but it didn’t take long to figure out something was amiss.

Kevin Gaylor, 24, called 911 at 3:13 a.m. Wednesday claiming that he was the victim of a home intrusion, stating “someone is trying to get into the apartment” and he “saw a gun,” said Colorado Springs Police spokeswoman Barbara Miller.

When police arrived, they found a college student in her early 20s sitting in a truck in front of Gaylor’s apartment along with the man who had driven her there. The two had traveled more than an hour from Denver in the snowy weather.

“She said [she] called [Gaylor] that night to say, ‘Hey, it’s snowing hard’ but he still wanted her to come,” said Miller.

The two had met on Craigslist, according to police reports, and had been corresponding for two weeks on Facebook and over the phone.

But when the co-ed arrived at Gaylor’s door, Miller said he turned her away. “I guess he got nervous, because his wife came home and he needed to get rid of [the college student].”

Gaylor’s wife had arrived home just moments before the girl showed up — “almost instantaneously,” Miller said.

But the college student didn’t give up that easily.

“She wouldn’t leave, she stayed out there,” Miller said.

Police knocked on Gaylor’s door, and he answered, speaking “very, very softly like he didn’t want anyone to know,” Miller said, telling police to “just get rid of her.”

The officers asked if anyone else was home and “he said my wife is here but I didn’t want her to know anything,” Miller said.

The disappointed college student told police she “had no idea he was married,” Miller added, and said she had spoken to Gaylor for four hours before arriving.

Police charged Gaylor with a misdemeanor for false reporting to authorities. He’s now facing a fine, which will be determined by a judge, and it’s possible he could get up to a year in jail, although that’s highly unlikely.

Gaylor does not have a listed number and could not be reached by phone, but he did speak off-camera to KOAA, saying it was an “accidental call” and that he didn’t speak to anyone at 911.

But about five hours after the incident, Miller said, Gaylor called police to apologize for making a false report.

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