Man’s Body Lay Within Yards of Queen’s Palace for Three Years

(Photo credit: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

The body of an American man reportedly obsessed with Queen Elizabeth II was discovered a mere 100 yards outside of Buckingham Palace in St. James Park. Officials believe the body may have been there for up to three years.

Moore allegedly spent 15 years devotedly sending the queen hundreds of “strange and offensive” packages, obscene photographs and “peculiar” letters topping 600 pages, according to The Telegraph.

The body was found in March, but the details of the case emerged this week after an inquest at Westminster’s Coroner’s Court.

Moore moved to London in 2007 from the United States, and though his U.S. passport was found with his body, officials will not disclose where he was from or any personal details.

“We can’t comment on individual cases that we don’t have a privacy act waiver in place for,” a spokeswoman from the U.S. Embassy in London told

“He had a fixation with the queen and the royal family, which takes us back to the place where he was discovered,” said Detective Sergeant Mike West of the Marylebone police station, according to The Telegraph.

The body was on a small island in a shallow lake in the park, accessible only by swimming or wading across the lake. Three times a year, trees are pruned on the island but a close inspection is only conducted every two years and it was during one of these inspections that the body was discovered.

“The Royal Parks is saddened that this incident has occurred. The body was found in thick undergrowth on an island that is reserved for wildlife and that is not accessible to the public,” a spokesman for The Royal Parks told The Telegraph. “Going forward we are planning to carry out thorough inspections on a more regular basis.”

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