Occupy London: Reporting From the Front Lines

In the autumn sunshine, the hundreds of protesters who had braved the cold night near the steps of St Paul’s Cathedral in colorful tents were out in force again as the ‘Occupy London’ movement entered its second day.

The streets near London’s financial district surrounding the Cathedral, one of the capital’s iconic landmarks, have been transformed into a city within a city complete with its own media center, first aid area and a food stall.

There was a carnival atmosphere as the protesters organized their sit in and erected their placards conveying their message against corporate greed and the austerity measures. They managed a coup this morning when the Canon at St Paul’s had asked police to leave and welcomed the protesters to stay. There’s even talk of running internet cables through the cathedral to ensure they have the appropriate set up to run their operation smoothly. The demonstrators are in this for the long haul. They are determined to stay on the streets to vent their anger and in support of the Wall Street protests.

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