The Times They Are A-Changin’

Some things never change…until they do.

What happens when you wake up to find that unshakeable truths are no longer unshakable, or even truths?  How are we supposed to plan for the future when everything is changing?

Not 1…not 2…but 3 things that I didn’t have to worry about…now I have to worry.

Suddenly, there is no more gender discrimination in the order of succession to the British throne.  No longer will women be passed over for younger, male heirs.   ”Attitudes have changed fundamentally over the centuries and some of the outdated rules – like some of the rules of succession -just don’t make sense to us anymore,” British Prime Minister David Cameron told reporters in Perth, Australia.

Also, monarchs can now marry Roman Catholics.

Speaking of Roman Catholics, The Washington Post today tells me that “English-speaking Catholics are bracing for the biggest changes to their mass since the 1960s.”  More Latin…more uniformity.  As Michelle Boorstein writes in the Post, “The new translation changes the majority of sentences in the Mass. The prayers and call-and-response dialogue between the priest and the congregation are different, transforming the dialogue that Catholics under 40 have used in church their entire lives. Some leaders warn that the shift could cause ‘ritual whiplash’ among those accustomed to a worship script so familiar that most recite it from memory.”  A Christmas crisis?

And finally, golf.  Nine principal regulations have been amended…one of them 267 years in the making.  Did you know that you used to get penalized if the wind moved your ball while you were getting ready to swing?  I didn’t know that – but it was the rule.  Well that’s changing.  And so are some other rules involving sand traps (where I spend a lot of time).

Now mind you, I don’t really know (or pay attention to) the exact rules of golf.  What I know about golf rules comes from “Caddyshack,” “Tin Cup,” and bachelor party rounds in Vegas.  But still.  These three big changes are making my head spin…which will probably improve my golf game.

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