Why Nicholas Sparks Built His Own School

VIDEO: The author talks with Fr. Beck about philanthropy and the school he founded.

In Part 2 of our interview Nicholas Sparks recounts what led him to built a school in his hometown that his own children attend.  For him it’s just part of the way he expresses his Christianity and exercises his duty as someone committed to service

When I ask him about his thoughts on how faith is emerging as a key issue in the race for the White House, he is not interested in pursuing it that trajectory.  Rather, he says that in the entertainment business in which he thrives, he meets peoples of all faiths.  That exposure has allowed him to see that what matters is not your particular faith, but whether you are a good person.  Do you love God and neighbor?  Do you do service?  Are you committed?  Theses are the important guidelines for evaluating the human character for Nicholas Sparks.  Even if you doubt everything about religion and your faith but live your life well, then it’s okay by him.

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