Woman Accused of Seeking Hitman to Kill Love Rival

A New Jersey woman accused of offering a hit man $10,000 to kill a love rival pleaded not guilty in court today.

Nicole Faccenda, 42, of Lyndhurst, N.J, wanted the new girlfriend of her ex-boyfriend, with whom she has one child, “shot in the head,” according to a complaint released by the United States District Attorney.

Faccenda allegedly was so intent on having the woman killed that she didn’t care if the woman’s children were collateral damage. When asked on a recorded phone call about the possibility of something happening to the children, Faccenda said, ‘Oh well, I’m sorry,’ according to the complaint.

Faccenda was arrested Wednesday night after an elaborate, week-long sting. She is being charged with using mail and facilities of commerce with the intent that a murder be committed for payment.

Officials refused to name the intended victim or Faccenda’s ex-boyfriend.

She first reached out to a trusted acquaintance in Florida on Oct. 19, asking him to help her find a hit man.

“She told this acquaintance she had a black dress ready to wear to the intended victim’s funeral and would ‘spit on the casket,’” the complaint said.

The friend reported the conversation to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, which listened in on his conversation with Faccenda on Oct. 20, where she was told the friend had found a person to commit the crime.

On Oct. 24, Faccenda met with her Florida acquaintance in the parking lot of a Secaucus, N.J., gas station and gave him a down payment of $2,000 for the hit man, along with the name, photo and license plate of the victim, the complaint says.

Two days later, the friend called Faccenda and informed her the victim had been shot dead and that the crime scene was fashioned to “look like a robbery.”

Faccenda was arrested at her place of employment on Wednesday evening.

“I believe she feels she was scammed,” Faccenda’s attorney, John Bruno, told ABCNews.com. “I can’t go into more detail, but when all of the facts come out it will be clear what exactly occurred.”

Faccenda has worked in sales and catering at a food and beverage company for 17 years, according to Bruno.

“There have never been any issues with her,” he said. “She has an unblemished background. This is really an unfortunate misunderstanding.”

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