Police in Riot Gear Arrest 20 Occupy Atlanta Protesters

VIDEO: Police arrested 20 demonstrators overnight, but released 19 of them hours later.

(David Goldman/AP Photo)

Nineteen Occupy Atlanta protesters were released from police custody today after a raucous night of protesting, in which protesters skirmished with cops in riot gear, on horseback and on motorcycles who were called in to clear them out of Woodruff Park at its 11 p.m. closing time.

“There have been acts of violence throughout the night, all committed by police, all committed towards nonviolent protesters who have come out here simply to show a light on economic injustice in the city. It’s an outrage and the city should be ashamed,” protester Tim Franzen told ABC News Radio.

Protester Brandon Wojcik-Tremblay, 20, who was the 20th person arrested, is still behind bars and is being charged with felony aggravated assault relating to an incident with a motorcycle officer.

A video posted online shows a man standing in front of a motorcycle cop. He appears to be pushing on the motorcycle as the officer tries to drive forward. It is unclear if the man in the video is Wojcik-Tremblay.

Organizers said the officer is at fault.

“Peace was maintained until a policeman on a motorcycle accelerated into a demonstrator,” Occupy Atlanta said in a statement posted online.

Wojcik-Tremblay is scheduled to appear in court Monday for a bail hearing.

Meanwhile, Occupy Atlanta is back in full force today, and plans to stay the course in Woodruff Park again tonight, demonstrators said.

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