Read Louise Clifford and Robert Looks Twice’s Journals From Their Trip to New York City

VIDEO: Robert Look Twice and Louise Clifford get a chance to visit the Big Apple.

Louise Clifford, 14, and Robert Looks Twice, 13 — two Lakota Sioux teens featured in “A Hidden America: Children of the Plains,” a  recent “20/20? special with Diane Sawyer — visited New York City from Oct. 23 to Oct. 25.

The pair were wide-eyed as they walked through Times Square and looked at the Statue of Liberty from Battery Park. In addition to sightseeing and taking in a Broadway show, they visited Diane Sawyer at the ABC News studios and met with Native American students at Columbia University.

Robert and Louise kept a journal during their time in New York. Here is what they wrote:


Monday — The trip to New York was a very exciting trip so far. I had a lot of fun with John, Tashina, Louise and Sierra. We went to “Good Morning America.” Also we ate at a very exotic restaurant. Also we got to see the Statue of Liberty and we went to Ground Zero of 9/11.

Tuesday — Tuesday morning we got up and took a shower and went to Columbia University and met some Native students there, and we took a tour around their campus and got to talk about what we are going to do later on in life with the Student Council there.

After the trip to Columbia, we went to Central Park Zoo, where there was not that much animals but it was a very good trip, and we got to see sea lions, penguins, ducks, monkeys, and a big BEAR (Polar bear).

Then after that we caught up to Joe and some people that watched the documentary and met them.

Also we ate at Hard Rock — that was very good, and got to go see “Mary Poppins” at Broadway and after that we went to the hotel to chill and sleep and get ready for the next day.

Wednesday — Today was a good day, but also sad that we had to leave New York and that we are on the plane most of the day and that we woke up so early. Also the trip to New York was fun.

I really liked when we saw “Mary Poppins” the musical and we went to Times Square. I really liked going to Times Square because there is a lot of stores and lots of people. What I didn’t like was how expensive the stores are. They were worse than Pinky’s prices.

But I am really bummed about that I didn’t get another caramel frappuccino that Astrid was supposed to buy me, but Claire stopped her bill. But that’s OK. I am going to get one in Rapid City. Ha ha ha.

I really miss New York. I wanna go back one of these days, but take my whole family with me. That would be really nice.

Read more about Robert.


Monday, Oct. 25, time 12:00

Dear Journal of New York!

Today we went to meet Diane at one of the most finest eating places, and it’s soo high off the ground it makes me wanna puke. We also went backstage at the ABC News place then we went and got on the subway and got off at the Hudson River and got to see the Statue of Liberty, and saw a dead eel. It was the grossest thing I’ve ever seen. Then a while after that we went shopping and had supper with Claire’s mom, Judy, and that was great. The food was also great. But anyways good night!

Dear Journal of New York

Today we went to Columbia to meet some students and talk to them and tell them about us and them tell us about them, and I thought it was pretty cool that we are meeting other Natives from all over the world and have them think we’re stars, but we truly are. They are also awesome and inspiring to me because they make Columbia sound like a good school. We went to the zoo also, there wasn’t that much animals but it was still cool. Oh Oh and we went to watch “Mary Poppins” on Broadway. It was soooo cool, I wish I could watch it every day because I love that show, don’t you?

Dear Journal of New York

I think being in the city made me feel like there’s more out there in the world. Not just the little old rez but hey that’s my home and it always will be even though I leave to another state I will always go back ’cause that’s home to our people. And the trip to New York was awesome, I mean I had a blast. It was soo big and cool I just didn’t know what to think, I thought it was cool though, cause all the buildings and lights and people that were nice to me it was soo cool. Can’t wait to go back some day.

Read more about Louise.

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