Geezer Bandit Strikes Again in Calif.

VIDEO: Police hopeful after robber given dye pack in most recent bank robbery.

Courtesy FBI

Police said they have two big breaks in the case of the Geezer Bandit, the robber who has held up 16 Southern California banks since 2009.

On Friday, the Geezer Bandit hit a Bank of America in San Luis Obispo, Calif., when it was just about to close.

In one hand, he held a note demanding cash and in the other, a gun.

The teller gave him the money, along with a hidden dye pack that exploded as he left, staining the money red.

“There’s quite a bit of money in the parking lot and it’s spread out across several different parking stalls, so we’re not sure if he got away with any money or not,” said Lieutenant Bill Proll of the San Luis Obispo Police Department.

He also dropped what appears to be a small address book, which could be a huge clue for police.

“They might get lucky and get fingerprints off what he dropped,” said Brad Garrett, a former FBI agent and ABC News contributor. “Each time you have a robbery, you sometimes get one more nugget or piece of information that will take you closer to the bad guy.”

And for now, these clues may be crucial.

Police wonder whether the Geezer Bandit could really be a younger man or woman in an elaborate disguise.

“There was just something really chalky looking about it that didn’t look right. The skin tone looked a little odd as well,” said Doris Lew-Jensen, a Hollywood make-up artist who works with special effects.

Witnesses who have seen the Geezer Bandit in person have said there is something off about his “plastic” face and wrinkle-free hands.

And this bandit’s getaway was hardly “geezerly.”

He sped away in a white BMW, and police are still trying to catch up.

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