Michigan State Cheerleader Falls on Head (VIDEO)

VIDEO: Michigan State Universitys Taylor Young was put in neck brace after the spill.

Usually, the only backboards involved in a NCAA basketball game are the ones behind the baskets. When a cheerleader falls on her head, the word’s other meaning comes into play.

A Michigan State University cheerleader was strapped to a backboard and hospitalized after falling on her head during a basketball game Wednesday night, The Associated Press reported. Her condition was stable, and Michigan State athletic director Mark Hollis said, “She’s OK,” the report said.

Taylor Young, 20, is a junior from Twin Lake, Mich., the report said. Video from the game shows her falling on the back of her head after standing on a male cheerleader’s shoulders. Young may have been thrown off-balance by another cheerleader, who was descending from being thrown in the air.

Medical personnel attended to her for several minutes, eventually immobilizing her head, the AP said.

As she was taken off the court, the video shows, Young smiled and gave a double thumbs-up.

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