Dragnet: Alleged Cross-Dressing Georgia Car Thief Caught

VIDEO: Police Lemar Neil Robinson stole the cars from dealerships during test drives.

A man, dressed as a woman, wanted for a string of car thefts was in custody today in Savannah, Ga., police said.

Lemar Neil Robinson, 24, was arrested soon after 8 p.m. Monday after a man reported having recognized someone whose face had been shown in news reports, according to Savannah Chatham Metropolitan police. The man was dressed as a woman, the caller said.

Robinson was driving the last of the three vehicles he was wanted for stealing from used car lots, police said. They said the vehicle was an SUV taken from Car City Statesboro Jan. 5. The previous two cars were reportedly stolen Dec. 19.

"I don't think he dressed that way to fool us," said Bubba Hunt, owner of Car City Statesboro. Hunt said Robinson arrived at Car City in a Mitsubishi SUV he'd taken from the previous lot Dec. 19, allowed his driver license to be photocopied, test-drove a car he returned and complained about, then test-drove a 2001 Jeep Commander.

"He really liked that one," Hunt said.

He left and never returned, leaving the stolen Mitsubishi.

"It wasn't even a fake ID," said Hunt, referring to the license, adding this was the first time in Car City's nine years and approximately 4,000 test drives someone had taken a car.

"Could it happen more? Shoot, things are kind of tough out there right now," Hunt mused.

According to a police statement, Chatham County car salesman Billy Hill reported that Lemar Robinson, "dressed entirely in women's clothing," test drove three vehicles from his lot on Dec. 19. On the final test drive, Robinson didn't return.

Hill went to the address on Robinson's license and met Robinson's father, who said Robinson had been arrested twice before for this same crime, the statement continued.

The spree began earlier on Dec. 19, when, according to Effingham County Sheriff's spokesman David Ehsanipoor, an employee of Johnson's Tire Service in Springfield reported a "black female" drove off in a 1997 Saturn and didn't come back.

"He actually doesn't make a bad-looking woman," said an officer reached by phone at Savannah Chatham Municipal Police Department.

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