Las Vegas Mayor Living On Food Stamps

VIDEO: Carolyn Goodman hopes to raise awareness about funding for food-stamp programs.

                                                                                  (Image Credit: Ethan Miller/Getty)

Carolyn Goodman may be the only mayor in the United States on food stamps, but it's only temporary. Goodman is taking part in a local food bank's challenge to live on $4.06 per day- the amount a single person who qualifies for food stamps receives.

"I didn't get to put any fruit on my meal plan this week. And, there's not much variety in my vegetables. It's a good thing that I love tomato soup!" Goodman blogged on the SNAP Experience Blog.

The week long challenge, which ends today, was organized by Three Square Food Bank in Las Vegas.

John Livingston, spokesman for Three Squares, said at 6-foot-6 and 250 pounds, he has been struggling to live on $4.03 per day.

"The biggest thing I've noticed is my cognitive skills have diminished," Livingston said. "It takes me a longer time to process things."

Mayor Goodman told ABC affiliate KTNV it was difficult to scale back her usual eating habits to fit a tight budget.

"My life is so busy and I sort of respond to the needs of my body when it says, 'Help! I'm starving!' and I think, 'oh, what shall I have today? Shall I have a bag of potato? Oh no.. .you're on the program,'" Goodman said.

Livingston said the food bank wanted to highlight the struggle of everyday Americans who receive assistance from the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, called SNAP, for short.

"The main thing we really want is to let people understand this so we protect the benefits and they don't get cut or lessened," he said.

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