Missing Oklahoma Mom Jaymie Adams Met Clients for Sex, Husband Told Cops


The husband of a mother missing since early December changed his story after reporting her disappearance, adding the detail that she was advertising as a massage therapist on Craigslist and meeting men for sex, according to a new police report.

Justin Adams initially told Oklahoma City, Okla., police his wife, Jaymie Adams, 26, went missing when she went to meet a friend at a local McDonald's. He said the last time he heard from her was when she called to tell him she was in the parking lot. He found her empty van the next morning around 5 a.m. and reported her missing.

A search warrant for Justin and Jaymie Adams' cell phone records filed this week revealed that Justin Adams came back the next day with a different story.

"On [Dec. 11, 2011] … Justin Adams walked into the OCPD Santa Fe Briefing Station and informed officers that he hadn't been completely honest with officers in reference to his report on [Dec. 10]," the report reads.

Adams informed officers that his wife - who has three kids and who a Facebook page said was two months pregnant -  advertised as a massage therapist on Craigslist, but was actually "engaging in sexual acts for cash."

Adams told officers his wife was actually going to meet a client at a motel, and the last he message he received from her said she was at McDonald's, but the client didn't show up.

The couple also participated in "swinging" with people they met on Craigslist, Adams told authorities.

Jaymie Adams took her cell phone and laptop with her when she left that night. According to the police report, "telephone records show that during the morning of 12/10/11, the telephones of both Justin and Jaymie were relaying telephone calls from the same telephone towers."

Justin Adams also told authorities, according to the warrant, that a nearby restaurant owner told him he had seen Jaymie Adams paying for her meal at nearly 3 a.m. on Dec. 10.

Investigators interviewed the restaurant manager Justin Adams said he had spoken with, but the manager told police he didn't remember seeing Jaymie Adams. Surveillance video from the restaurant also didn't show her in the restaurant.

Several days after Adams admitted to initially lying to police, he agreed to take a polygraph test. He was found to be "deceptive" when answering the question, "Do you know your wife's whereabouts?"

Sgt. Gary Knight with the Oklahoma City Police Department said there have been no new developments in the case, and both missing persons and homicide detectives are working to find Jaymie Adams.

"Any time there's a case like this, when someone's been missing a long time and the circumstances are so suspicious, you don't know if they're going to turn up alive or dead," Knight told ABC News, "so we have investigators from different departments, including homicide, involved in the investigation."

Calls to Justin Adams' attorney, Irven Box, were not returned. Speaking with KFOR-TV in Oklahoma City, Box downplayed his client's actions.

"There's nothing unreasonable about him not disclosing that she was out prostituting herself," Box said. "He didn't want police to know that, so he was deceptive to start with."

Box added that his client hasn't been accused of any crime.

"The big thing is there's not a crime here," Box said. "There's just a disappearance. There's nothing criminal about someone disappearing."

Police have not named any suspects in the disappearance.

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