Seattle Prepares for Worst Snowstorm in Decade

VIDEO: Rainy region braces for worst blizzard in 25 years.

Ted S. Warren/AP Photo

On average, Seattle sees about 5.9 inches of snow in a year, but over the next 24 hours the Emerald City, nicknamed for its lush green landscapes, will be stuck in a snow globe, with parts of the city expected to receive eight to 12 inches of snow.

It could be the worst snowstorm the city has seen since 9.8 inches fell in 1974 and there is widespread concern that the accumulation might topple trees and power lines, shutting down the city entirely.

"I think everyone has written off Wednesday around here, we'll see how Thursday goes," said Scott Sistek, a meteorologist for

Seattle is not a city known for its ability to handle snow, and Sistek says whether it's four inches or 14, the city will have the same problems.

"It doesn't really matter if this storm is a record-breaker, it will have the same effect," he said. "This is a city with a limited number of plows and a population that is not used to driving in the snow."

Largest Snowstorms in Seattle History:

1. Jan. 5-9, 1880 Est. 36.0? with 6-foot drifts
2. Jan. 31-Feb. 3, 1916 33.4?
3. Jan. 26-31, 1969 30.7?
4. Jan. 12-15, 1950 26.8?
5. Dec. 23-27, 1965 14.9?
6. Dec. 30-31, 1968 13.0?
7. Jan. 23-26, 1972 12.6?
8. Jan. 25-26, 1950 12.4?
9. Dec. 26-27, 1974 9.8?
10. Nov. 20-12, 1985 9.4?
11. Nov. 27, 1985 7.6?


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