Woman Accused of Dressing Like Man to Steal from Neighbors

ABC News' Frank Elaridi reports:

Police say a woman disguised herself as a man - wearing a fake mustache, an over-sized men's suit, and a beanie cap in an effort to deceive her neighbors as she repeatedly burglarized their home.

According to police, however, 31-year-old Salt Lake City resident Manar Ahmed's disguise was not enough to keep her from getting caught. She was charged with two counts of burglary and one count of theft, all second-degree felonies, in 3rd District Court on Thursday.

"We are totally innocent," said Mahmoud Ahmed, the suspect's husband.  "Me and my wife never committed any of these allegations."

He told ABC News that his wife was "coerced into a confession."

Police said the victims, a couple, suspected they had been burglarized when they noticed several thousand dollars missing from a box in their home.  Their suspicions were confirmed when they noticed that another $9,000 was missing from the same box.

The victims took matters into their own hands and set up a trap to catch the burglar in action, according to court documents.  They left a small amount of money in the box and set up security cameras that captured the woman, disguised as a man, entering the home using a key.

Police said the victim couple identified their neighbor as the suspect because they recognized her in the surveillance video and said she is the only person they gave a house key to.

Salt Lake City police said they investigated the victims' suspicions and searched the neighbor's house, where they found the woman's disguise.

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