ABC News and Hyperion Partner to Launch Original Digital Video Series

  New Series Features the New York Times Bestselling Author of Don't Know Much About  ® History Kenneth C. Davis

Did you know that only 1% of the population voted for George Washington in 1789? And that some Founding Fathers adamantly opposed the formation of political parties? New York Times bestselling author Kenneth C. Davis offers these interesting facts-and more-in a series of original digital videos, brought to you by ABC News and Hyperion Books.

As another presidential election season ramps up, the sister companies are teaming up with Kenneth C. Davis, author of the wildly popular Don't Know Much About® History, which spent 35 consecutive weeks on the New York Times bestseller list and gave rise to Davis's Don't Know Much About® series of books and audios for adults and children, which has sold millions of copies. Davis's works have firmly established him as-in's words- "the King of Knowing."

In the new series for ABC News and Hyperion, Davis will entertain and inform as he dissects some of the lesser-known facts about American political history and sheds light on elections and political figures from our country's early roots to contemporary campaigns. Tune in for Davis's quirky take on what you need to know about our nation's presidential history but probably never learned.

Today's first episode tackles the vagaries of the Electoral College and explains why we have this process and how it impacts government today. In upcoming shows, Davis will explore the birth of political parties and America's first democratic election. A new webisode will run each month on and

In September 2012, Hyperion will publish Davis's newest hardcover , Don't Know Much About® the American Presidents, which will explore the American presidents, from Washington to Obama, as well as the history of the presidency itself. The book aims to illuminate what you need to know about the men (so far!) who have occupied the most powerful office on earth.

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For more information about Kenneth C. Davis and his work, visit Don't Know Much About® is a registered trademark of Kenneth C. Davis.

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