Adolf Hitler's Lost Paintings On Display

Petr David Josek/AP

Seven of Adolf Hitler's lost paintings are on now display after they were discovered tucked away in a monastery in the Czech Republic.

Many of the paintings have political themes. "The Memory of Stalingrad" by Franz Eichorst depicts injured German soldiers huddled in a trench during battle.

Hitler became an avid art collector during World War II but sent his collection away for safekeeping in 1943.

The paintings were unearthed after some sleuthing by Jiri Kuchar, a historian who has written about Hitler's art collection. It wasn't clear how or when the monastery acquired the paintings, which can be seen at the chateau in Doksany in the Czech Republic.

Kuchar said nine more paintings are still missing from the collection.

"I've got a feeling that many places will be reluctant to admit their favorite works of art have this unfortunate historical blemish," he told The Telegraph.

The paintings could be worth $2.7 million at auction, Agence France-Presse reported, though the monastery said it plans to keep them.

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