Bruno Mars Prosecutor Gets Nine Months on Drug Charges

VIDEO: Former Deputy District Attorney David Schubert sentenced to nine months in jail.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department/AP Photo

A former Las Vegas prosecutor who handled high-profile drug cases against Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars will experience another side of the justice system after being ordered to spend nine months in jail on felony crack possession charges.

Clark County District Judge Carolyn Ellsworth lambasted former Deputy District Attorney David Schubert during the sentencing hearing today, calling aspects of a proposed plea deal that would give him probation and allow him to clear his record "offensive," according to the Associated Press.

Schubert was arrested last March, after police found $40 of crack cocaine and an unregistered 9 mm handgun in his car. He pleaded guilty in September to a felony charge of unlawful possession of a controlled substance not for sale.

During the hearing, Schubert apologized to the court for what he called a "tragedy," then stood in silence while Ellsworth handed down his sentence. Ellsworth ordered Schubert to serve three years of probation, which includes paying a $5,000 fine and spending nine months in the county jail in lieu of serving a two- to three-year prison term.  

"I'm not going to give you the special treatment," Ellsworth told the former prosecutor, according to the AP.

Thom Gover, chief deputy attorney general prosecuting the case, said he did not expect the judge's decision to be as severe as it was.

"It was within the plea deal," Gover told, although he said that judge's decision was "not typical."

Ellsworth was the second judge to handle the Schubert's sentencing after a previous judge recused himself for being unable to remain impartial.

According to the Las Vegas Sun, Clark County District Court Judge Douglas Herndon, who previously worked with Schubert at the district attorney's office, refused to sentence his former colleague after finding the proposed plea deal too lenient.

"You're getting a better deal than people you've prosecuted, and I don't think that's just and proper," Herndon told Schubert during a December court hearing, according to the Las Vegas Sun.

Schubert must surrender by March 12 to begin his jail sentence.

AP contributed to this report.

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