Chinstrap Penguins Get Their Dance On in Antarctica

Image credit: Sergey Kokinskiy/Rex/Rex USA

For all the penguin lovers out there, these guys (or girls) can't give you a birthday hug but they will surely bring a smile to your face.

This Chinstrap penguin - named for the black stripe under its chin - was recorded for posterity by Russian photographer Sergey Kokinsky as it and its buddies danced on Half Moon Island in Antarctica, according to The Sun.

In January, among a sea of black and white penguins on the continent's Aitcho Islands, National Geographic Explorers spotted an extremely rare, nearly all-white Chinstrap penguin.

According to SeaWorld's website, there are nearly 6.5 breeding pairs of these penguins.

Image credit: Sergey Kokinskiy/Rex/Rex USA

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