Explosives Removed From Vehicle Near Kansas State Buildings

(John Milburn/AP Photo)

Police detained an individual after saying they removed explosives from his pickup truck parked at the Kansas Judicial Center in Topeka, Kan.

The Topeka Police and Kansas Highway Patrol removed the devices from the vehicle, according to ABC News affiliate KTKA in Topeka, after it was discovered parked without a permit this morning in the complex's west parking lot.

"With the use of their police robot, they were able to remove several improvised explosive devices from the vehicle," said Kansas Capitol Police spokesman Patrick Saleh, according to ABC News Radio.

A local police official later told ABC News the items removed were "several small improvised devices."

However, federal officials described the devices as looking like or being composed of large fireworks - M100s.

The owner of the pickup truck was taken into custody in a state office building connected by a tunnel to the Kansas statehouse, ABC News affiliate KAKE in Wichita, Kan., reported.

"He was taken into custody without resistance and is currently being interviewed by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms," Saleh said.

The vehicle had Florida paratrooper license plates, according to KAKE.

Saleh said authorities were interviewing the truck's owner and it was not clear that he would be charged with a crime.

"I won't know if we're going to charge him at the state level or they'll charge him at the federal level, or charges will be filed at all," Saleh said. "It all hinges on their interview and what their plans are next, at this point."

Saleh told ABC News there were no apparent ties to foreign terrorism.

ABC News' Jack Cloherty and Richard Esposito contributed to this report.

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