Judge Orders Man to Take Wife on Date

VIDEO: Florida judge tells man to take his wife to Red Lobster after marital spat.

Just in time for Valentine's Day, a judge ordered a Florida man to take his wife out to dinner and bowling, complete with flowers.

Joseph Bray, 47, forgot his wife's Sonja's birthday.  An altercation ensued and escalated, with Bray allegedly pushing his wife on the couch and putting his hand around her neck. Police were called and a report was filed.

Broward County judicial court judge John "Jay" Hurley chose an unusual resolution to the case.

Hurley ordered Bray to take his wife out to Red Lobster and bowling, in addition to buying her a birthday card and flowers.  He also ordered the couple to make an appointment for counseling within the next week.

The defendant was attempting to reconcile the marriage and it seemed the judge was trying to keep them going by suggesting the date, said Marjorie McClain, judicial assistant to Hurley.

The judge declined ABC News.com's request for comment.

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