Man Poses As Denny's Manager, Cooks Burger

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Wearing a maroon tie and with a briefcase in hand, James B. Summers, 52, strolled confidently into a Madison, Wisc., Denny's restaurant ready to start his first day of work as general manager. There was just one problem- he wasn't hired for the job.

"He claimed he was the new general manager, that he had worked for the restaurant chain for 30-years and was starting his new job - right now," the police report stated.

The restaurant's manager, Tracy Brant, suggested perhaps Summers had the wrong restaurant, but the self-appointed general manager refuted the idea.

Brant closed the door to her office and called the corporate office while Summers got to work on his first "official" duty- cooking himself a burger and fries.

After receiving confirmation from those higher-up on the food chain that Summers was lying, Brant confronted her new faux boss mid-meal and told him that his charade was over.

When police arrived, they found Summers walking away from the restaurant. He told officers there must have been a "paperwork goof-up." He returned to the restaurant so police could hear both sides of the story.

Summers' ruse was not a grand slam. Police booked him on charges of fraud, possession of an electric weapon (a stun gun), disorderly conduct and possession of drug paraphernalia.

As police escorted Summers out of the restaurant, he shouted, "This is why you don't dine and dash, kiddies!"

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