Man Who Mooned Queen Says Obama is Next

                                                                                                            Mogens Johansen/Getty Images

An Australian who was fined $750 today for pulling a cheeky stunt when Queen Elizabeth visited the land down under said he now has his, ah, sights set on President Obama.

"Any self-important, self-propagating elitists, I will happily bare my buttocks to and tell them what I think of them," Liam Warrimer, 22, told the Herald-Sun after court today. Warrimer said he includes Obama and Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard to be on that list.

On Oct. 24, Warrimer ran alongside the royal motorcade in Brisbane for 150 feet before dropping his pants.

Clenched between the cheeks of the anti-monarchist was the Australian flag.

He pleaded guilty in a Brisbane courtroom to one count of public nuisance, which will not be recorded on his criminal history.

Warrimer also had a message for the objectors who said he mooned a sweet old grandmother.

"People are likening the queen to their own grandmother," he told the Brisbane Times.  "Now the Queen does not get cute granny status. She is a very powerful woman and she is at the head of a very powerful family."

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