Pregnant Teen Shoots Burglar Through Doggy Door

VIDEO: Laycee Lowe, 17, opened fire on a man breaking into her Arizona home.

Cops in Glendale, Ariz., have been checking area hospitals for a burglary suspect who may have a hand wound after a pregnant teenager shot at the hand when he reached through a doggy-door in an attempt to unlock the door, police said today.

"We checked the area and all local hospitals and he was not found," Officer Tracey Breeden of the Glendale Police Department told ABC

Laycee Lowe, 17, told ABC News affiliate  KNXV that she was home alone Monday night when she heard someone ring her door bell.

Lowe did not answer, and a short time later heard the suspect jump into her backyard.  She saw her father's gun on the kitchen table.

She was not only worried for herself. The pregnant teen was worried about her unborn baby.

As soon as the intruder reached the back door, Lowe picked up the gun.  When she saw a hand reach through the doggy door, she fired.

"I know I don't have the best shot ever…so I just got up close," Lowe told KNXV.

Lowe previously has participated in target practice.

Breeden said it is unknown if the suspect was struck by the gunfire.

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