Rapping Retirees Lip-Synch Super Bowl Support for Giants

VIDEO: Senior citizens in N.J. show support for their home team.

Super Bowl teams are used to getting an outpouring of support from their fans for the big game.  But the New York Giants have received a different type of cheer from  residents of the Cedar Crest Retirement Community in Pompton Plains, N.J. - a YouTube video in which they lip-synch to a rap song created for the Giants by 3rd Infantry.

The video has received 8,925 hits since it went up Jan. 30.

"We have our own TV studio and residents run all the equipment," Larry Curran, lead TV community coordinator at Cedar Crest told ABC News.com.  "They're getting tired of some of the stuff we've been doing. We wanted to do something really fun."

The residents, who  range in age from 76 to 91, had plenty of equipment and no shortage of  participants who wanted to show their love for the Giants  as word of the video spread through an ad on Cedar Crest's community television network.

But then came the biggest decision of all: What kind of video should they make?  As the residents sat in Curran's office, browsing through videos and listening to 3rd Infantry rap about the Giants, Curran looked out his 15-foot window and saw someone  talking on a cell phone.  He could only see the person's lips moving and could not hear the conversation at all. All anyone could hear was the rap music, and suddenly an idea was born: They'd lip-synch to 3rd Infantry's Giants song.

Simulating travel to Indianapolis - home of the big game - was the residents' idea. The Winnebago RV painted in Giants colors belonged to the family of Cedar Crest's transportation coordinator.

"The residents on camera, they love to have fun," said Curran.  "Tony, who said, 'I'm driving,' in the video, said, 'Hold on Larry, I'm missing something. I don't have a beer in my hand.'"  But since Tony was going to be driving the RV, they decided against the beer.

"It was a lot of fun, and I was really surprised about the amount of play it's getting online," said Rob Evans, the lead rapper in the video.

As for the Super Bowl plans of the Cedar Crest residents, all the living rooms in the community will be hosting  parties come Sunday.

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