Snowmobiler Narrowly Escapes Plunge Off Dangerous Cliff

VIDEO: Man records his trip down a mountain, unknowingly approaching dangerous cliff.

 A snowmobile rider out for what he'd hoped would be a relaxing but speedy ride through the frothy snow of Wyoming, got the unintended thrill of his lifetime when he nearly plunged off a mountain top.

Kyle Pratt, of Blackfoot, Idaho, was driving his snowmobile through mountainous terrain in Bedford, Wyoming, along with six other riders last month, when he strayed from the group to get a better look at some pristine snow, he told ABC News.

After riding for about one minute, Pratt's snowmobile came to a halt just as a giant chunk of snow fell off the mountain, revealing a long, steep drop off below.

It was all captured on camera, through the Liquid Image video camera goggles Pratt was wearing.

"I feel very lucky to have not fallen off this cliff," Pratt said. "Even though I have and use all the back-country gear and training, accidents like this do happen."

"I'm just glad it wasn't my time," he added.

After the rush of noise heard in the video as Pratt ascended the mountain, the only sound to break the mountaintop silence after his  abrupt halt is the snowmobile's beep indicating it's in reverse mode as Pratt gingerly tried to unhinge himself.

"Everybody hear how hard I'm breathing?," Pratt says at the video's end.  "That wouldn't have been good."

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