ABC's Bazi Kanani Speaks Exclusively with the Boy at the Center of the Viral "KONY 2012? Video

VIDEO: 13 at the time of the film, Jacob is now 21 and in law school in Uganda.

Portion of the Exclusive Interview to Air First Tonight, March 9 on "World News with Diane Sawyer"

ABC's Bazi Kanani speaks exclusively with Jacob Acaye, the Ugandan former child abductee at the heart of the now-viral 30-minute "Kony 2012?, which argues for the arrest of Ugandan warlord Joseph Kony. In the film Acaye - then a 13-year-old boy - says he doesn't want to live; he is too afraid, too sad, and wants only to join his slain brother in heaven.  Today, Kanani tracked Jacob down in Kampala, Uganda. He is now a young man studying to be a lawyer. A portion of the exclusive interview will air tonight, March 9 on " ABC World News with Diane Sawyer." The interview will be available on

A San Diego-based nonprofit uploaded the video " Kony 2012" to YouTube to bring attention to Joseph Kony and the rebel group Lord's Resistance Army, which human rights groups say has terrorized central Africa for years. The video has logged more than 57 million views since Monday.

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**News outlets using material from this report should credit ABC's Bazi Kanani / "ABC World News."

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