Michigan Girl, 10, Thwarts Home Invaders

VIDEO: Police credit a girls 911 call with saving her family from a pair of intruders.

A home invasion attempt was thwarted by a quick-thinking 10-year-old Michigan girl who called 911 and hid her younger brothers in a closet while they waited for police to arrive.

The girl and her brothers, ages 5 and 7, had just returned to their home in Harper Woods, Mich., outside of Detroit, from a half day of school around 11 a.m. on Monday when they heard intruders at the back of the house, according to officials with the Harper Woods Police Department.

The 10-year-old, home alone with her brothers while they waited for their mom to arrive home early from work, quickly pulled her brothers into a closet to hide and phoned police.

"We are in the closet because we are really, really, scared!" the girl told dispatcher Barb Skalba in transcripts of the 911 call obtained by local affiliate WXYZ.

"Do you hear them at the back door?" Skalba asks.

"Yes, they're coming in now!" the girl replies.

"Okay, just stay on the line with me," Skalba responds.

The girl remained calm and on the line long enough with Skalba to provide her address, something Skalba says was key to the siblings' safety.

"Luckily, this girl was taught to call 911 and what to do to keep her other siblings safe, as well," Skalba told the Detroit Free Press. ""[I] couldn't imagine being at home and having that happen. But she was really good."

Police soon arrived at the home and were let in by the girl;  she and her two brothers were unharmed.

The intruders, police say, were scared off by the police sirens.

Authorities later arrested two teen boys, ages 16 and 17, who were seen running away from the home.  A third suspect, the 17-year-old sister of one of the boys, later turned herself in.  She had been waiting nearby in the getaway car, police said.

Skalba and the 10-year-old girl will be able to meet face-to-face at an upcoming City Council meeting where they will be recognized for their efforts, the Detroit Free Press reports.

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