Russians Caught Partying, Making Out Live on Election Webcams

A massive new webcam network is poised to catch fraud at the presidential election Sunday, but on the eve of the vote the cameras have already caught a couple making out and a few other Russians getting down on the dance floor.

One good example from a polling center in Tyumen, Siberia, has been posted on YouTube:

The webcams were posted at polling centers, which are very usually public halls and schools that moonlight as social centers. Most of the feeds show empty rooms, ready for voters to arrive in the morning, but Twitter is lighting up with people trading their favorite webcams that show people doing far more interesting things.

Among the sights Russians watching the webcams have found are a clothed couple kissing in the southern town of Stavropol and several more examples of fancy dancing from around the country.

In an image lifted from one of the webcams, a man appears to be napping near a ballot box.

Russian authorities reportedly spent somewhere between $400 million and $1 billion to install some 200,000 webcams at 95,000 polling centers across the country in an effort to prevent fraud. Critics suggest it won't be enough, as the cameras won't capture all the parts of the process where ballot stuffing could occur.

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