Grease-Covered Burglar Arrested in Underwear

VIDEO: Mass. police say man stripped down before trying to break into a restaurant.

Image Credit: Springfield Police Department

A greasy burglar was caught with his pants down in Mass. on Wednesday night when police found him stuck in a restaurant kitchen stove vent.

Robert Kuhn, 26, allegedly attempted to shimmy down a kitchen stove vent of Lido's Restaurant in Springfield, where he was a former dishwasher, according to ABC News affiliate WGGB.

The owner lives above the restaurant and called police when he saw the vent roof moved around 10 p.m.

Officers first rescued Kuhn, dressed in only boxers, an undershirt and covered in grease.  Half his body was in the shaft and half was out.  Police then arrested him.

"I guess the guy missed the place or something," Sgt. John Delaney of the Springfield Police Department told WGGB.  "Not sure what he was going to try and steal.  But whatever he was doing, he was trying desperately to do so."

The restaurant closed a weekend before the attempted break-in.

"Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be closed indefinitely as of April 1, 2012.  At this time our future at this location is uncertain," says a statement on the restaurant website.

The greasy burglar is charged with breaking and entering, as well as attempt to commit a felony.

Springfield District Court confirmed Kuhn is currently in jail and has not yet posted bond.  He is set for pre-trial April 26.

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