Lauren Scruggs' Parents on Model's 'Remarkable' Recovery

VIDEO: Cheryl, Jeff Scruggs explain how their daughters recovery from freak accident.

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Lauren Scruggs, the 23-year-old model and fashion editor who was severely injured in a propeller accident four months ago, will get her new prosthetic arm in a month, her parents told ABC News.

Scruggs' parents, Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs, appeared live today in an ABC News exclusive interview on " Good Morning America" and said their daughter is healing both physically and emotionally and doing "remarkable."

"Everything she's been through and the journey she's still on, she's doing remarkable. She really is," Cheryl Scruggs told Katie Couric. "She's concentrating on her rehabilitation still, and she knows that God is caring for her, healing her and because of him she has the strength and the determination and the courage to wake up every day."

Scruggs had just landed after viewing Christmas lights from above on Dec. 3 when she walked into a moving airplane propeller that sliced off her hand and caused her to lose her left eye at a private airport north of Dallas.  The pilot, Curt Richmond, left the propeller running while Scruggs exited the plane.

"That's the last thing that she remembers," Jeff Scruggs said. "All she remembers is getting out of the plane."

Scruggs was conscious, breathing and "somewhat" responsive but bleeding badly, according to the 911 call and immediately rushed to the hospital where she fought for her life. In an instant, the Scruggs' family's world changed forever.

"We were told early on that she may never form a complete sentence again and that she may have a different personality," Jeff Scruggs said. "God has answered those prayers. She has her same spunk, the same personality, it inspires all of us."

Scruggs reached a legal settlement with the insurance company for the pilot and the plane's owner last week, according to a representative for her attorney. Though he would not comment on details of the agreement, it is rumored to be more than $1 million.

To get through the tragedy, the family relied on their deep faith, which they say has sustained them.

"Our faith has played a part in every aspect of this journey. We trusted God from the very beginning to provide a community around us. Praying, people brought meals for ten weeks. I didn't cook for ten weeks," Cheryl Scruggs said. "Just the team of doctors, nurses, therapists, all of that, God provided all of that, as well as the comfort of the scriptures. Being able to read the scriptures was a comfort to look at every day."

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Scruggs' twin sister Brittany has also been a rock for Scruggs, and even felt pain in her left eye like her twin after the accident, Cheryl Scruggs revealed.

"There's a special bond there. Brittany, even early on when Lauren was having trouble with her eye, Brittany's eye, her left eye started to blink, twitch for about two weeks," she said. "She's been there to support her and Lauren calls on her. They have been close all of their lives, and just knowing that Brittany is there for emotional support, physical support, has been a huge blessing."

In the months since the accident, Scruggs has undergone intensive physical therapy to relearn the basics - how to walk, talk, use a stationary bike, even dress herself - and has picked up the pieces of her life. She has resumed writing fashion commentary on her LoLo website, took to Twitter and shared photos of a family ski vacation in Colorado last month.

The 23-year-old has also signed a book deal to tell her story. The book, to be entitled, "Still Lolo," is slated for a November release and in it Scruggs will tell her account of accident and the story of her inspirational recovery.

Becoming an author, she will follow in the footsteps of her parents, who wrote the book "I Do Again" in 2008, which shares their story of how they got a second chance and remarried each other after seven years of divorce by recommitting themselves to Christianity.

"It was the same hope the restored our marriage twelve years ago that spared Lauren's life four months ago," Jeff Scruggs said. "Our faith is such an important part of our life."

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