Lover Gouged My Eyes Out

VIDEO: Shane Jenkins assault of girlfriend Tina Nash left the mother of two blind.

A British court today convicted a man of gouging his lover's eyes out.

Shane Jenkin from Cornwall in southwest England assaulted partner Tina Nash, 31, last year in what the judge called a "premeditated, sustained and vicious attack."

During the 12-hour ordeal, Jenkins subjected his girlfriend to a horrific assault in which he strangled her and then inflicted permanent damage to both her eyes.

Nash said today he "robbed me of one of the most precious things in life, my sight. I miss the things which people take for granted the most, such as seeing the sky and the sea."

Nash has two sons, who were 3  and 13, at the time of the attack.

Police praised Nash for her bravery she showed during  her recovery and in facing her attacker in court.

 Nash said  the attack was like "being buried alive - claustrophobic and not in control of my life. I actually look forward to going to sleep, because in my dreams, I have sight. It's when I wake up that the truth hits home."

Detective Inspector Chris Strickland of Devon and Cornwall Police said "our view is that Jenkin deliberately strangled Tina into a state of unconsciousness in order that he could inflict these terrible injuries. Her injuries were so shocking that friends who saw her soon after the incident found it difficult to stay in the room."

Despite long-term treatment, doctors do not expect  Nash to ever recover her sight.

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