Titanic Bathtub Plug 'Tubtanic' Offends


A UK-based novelty toy company is under fire for creating a bath plug that's shaped like the Titanic.

Paladone, makers of "Tubtanic," a plug that allows consumers to "re-enact the famous sinking-ship scene in the comfort of your own bathtub," has been deemed "distasteful" and "appalling" by relatives of Titanic victims.

"I think it's terrible people are trying to make money from something that killed so many," Ron Williams, who lost his uncle on the Titanic in 1912, told The Sun.

But Paladone says otherwise.  The makers of Tubtanic say the toy ship has been on sale since 2009 with no complaints received to date.

"Paladone Products is sorry if anyone is offended, but it has only ever been intended as a novelty item, which most consumers recognize as such," spokeswoman Fiona Parkinson said.

Other Paladone products include Guinness World Records toys, novelty mugs and a birdhouse shaped like the Twin Towers.

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