Where Are They Now? 80's Villains and Boogiemen

Freddie, Jason, Vader: all names 1980's moviegoers won't ever forget.  These memorable characters that once struck fear into the hearts of millions are getting on in age;  so where has fate led them?

Freddie Krueger, once a terror on Elm Street, is now a down-on-his luck alcoholic, drowning out the present and reminiscing about the glory days of his past. (© Federico Chiesa)

Italian photographer Federico Chiesa became a big fan of American movies when he was introduced to them as a child. As an adult, he pondered this hypothetical question and decided to reimagine the dark figures from his past as they might have aged.

Chiesa's "Horror Vacui" series illustrates his adult view of the fates of the slashers and fiends that once made him scream, after they hit hard times and left their villainy behind as a thing of the past.  "They are no longer scary," says Chiesa, "they are just dressed strange."

Darth Vader and Freddie were Chiesa's favorite villains as a kid and while Krueger now drowns his sorrows, Vader has hung up his light saber and lives the quiet life as a retiree. (© Federico Chiesa)

The Grady twins from "The Shining" weren't really evil but they sure were scary.  Today they're enjoying their lives as grandmothers. (© Federico Chiesa)

Michael Myers from the "Halloween" series horror flicks is a forgotten man, living out the rest of his days in a nursing home. (© Federico Chiesa)

Life has caught up with Jason from the "Friday the 13 th" films. He is now a homeless beggar. (© Federico Chiesa)

"Horror Vacui" is an ongoing series photographed by Federico Chiesa and styled by his girlfriend Carolina Trotta.  Chiesa was born in Tuscany and is an advertising photographer who has worked with numerous international ad agencies and magazines. Trotta is a professional makeup and special effects artist.

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