1-Year-Old Trapped In Spin Cycle, Emerges Laughing

VIDEO: Surveillance video shows toddler trapped in a running washer machine.

                                                                                            (Image Credit: ABC News)

For more than a minute, a father and mother scrambled to get their 1-year-old out of a spinning washing machine at a Camden, N.J., laundromat.

The surveillance video of the May 11 incident, which was first posted on YouTube under the name "Epic Parenting Fail At A Laundromat," shows an unidentified man placing his son in a washing machine. After shutting the door, the machine locked and began its spin cycle, tossing the child in circles.

The parents realized the child was stuck inside the machine and began pulling on the door. The child's mother sprinted across the laundromat to alert an employee.

The quick-thinking worker, who was identified as Kong Eng, pushed two tables out of the way, opened the back panel and shut off the power.

"I pulled the baby out and then the baby still had a life and I'm very happy," Eng told ABC affiliate WABC.

The child had a few bruises, but was laughing, witnesses told the station.

The incident doesn't appear to be criminal, however prosecutors said they hope the mother and father will come forward to prove the child is unharmed.

The video has received more than 6 million hits since it was posted last week.

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