Arizona Man Hits Lotto Luck, Times Six

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It's not much of a mystery to figure out the lucky number that one Arizona man now claims for the rest of his life: 6.

That's the number of Powerball tickets purchased by the Glendale man that made him a millionaire, not once but six times over.

The man, who asked not to be identified, as the Arizona Lottery allows, used the same combination of numbers for six Powerball tickets he purchased late last month, according to an Arizona Lottery spokeswoman.

The tickets were all second-place winners, leaving the man with six $1 million prizes.

The lucky lotto winnings were just announced this week, but the man has already collected his million-dollar winnings over the course of several visits to the state lottery's headquarters in Phoenix.

Similar good lotto luck fell on a Virginia resident last  month.   Virginia Fike, of Berryville,  had two tickets that matched five of the six Powerball numbers in an April 7 drawing, so that each ticket was worth $1 million.

Those two wins come on the heels of the lottery fever that swept much of the U.S. last month when the Mega Millions lottery jackpot reached upwards of $600 million, the biggest jackpot in lottery history.  Three winning tickets were sold in that drawing, leaving the winners with roughly $158 million each in the one-time lump sum payment option.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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