Arkansas Child Lodges Arm Inside Gumball Machine

VIDEO: Watch how far firefighters in Arkansas had to go to pull the boys arm out.

An Arkansas toddler reaching for a sweet treat instead found firefighters reaching out to rescue him from the grasp of a gumball machine.

Terrell Parks Jr., 2, was on an outing with his father Monday afternoon when, like most toddlers, he was lured in by the line of candy machines near the front of the Texarkana store where they were shopping.

Perhaps not understanding the full mechanics of how a candy machine works, Terrell reached his arm into the gumball machine for a brightly colored ball to chew on.  What he got instead was his arm stuck inside the machine.

"I turned my back for one minute," the boy's dad, Terrell Parks Sr., told local station KSLA.  "They were trying to get some gum from the gum machine and his hand was stuck up there completely."

Terrell's arm was so far lodged inside of the machine that firefighters had to be called to the scene.

"As far as getting an arm out of a gumball machine, that is not a normal rescue," firefighter Vincent Johnson told KSLA.

Johnson and other firefighters had to break the glass and disassemble the gumball machine after other attempts to ease Terrell's arm out of the machine proved futile.

The broken glass sent gumballs flying all across the store's floor, but also resulted in Terrell finally getting what he wanted, a gumball to chew on.

Johnson told KSLA that Terrell was not injured in the incident and the toddler got to keep his gum, along with some extra gumballs.

Johnson was not available for comment today when contacted by

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